Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai

Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai
December 28, 2018
Robotic Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Robotic Hair Transplant in Mumbai
June 14, 2019
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Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai

Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai

If you are ashamed of going out to a party or any other social gathering out of the fear people will laugh at your baldness? It is high time to say goodbye to baldness and thinning hair forever. myhaircare enlists the top hair transplant clinics in Mumbai along with their website, address and phone number. So why you are wasting your time for searching a good hair surgeon or hair transplant clinic in Mumbai when this online directory provides you the detailed and latest information about the best hair transplant clinics established in the industrial capital of India – Mumbai, in Maharashtra. Remember, Myhaircare is not a hair transplant clinic. Hair transplant in Mumbai provides updated information about the best and top hair transplant clinics in Mumbai where both men and women can pay a visit to get natural looking hair!

Reasons for Hair Loss and Baldness

An expanding number of people of both genders are discomfort from hair loss. According to surgeons, some cases of hair loss are genetic while in other cases, mostly women suffer from this condition because of vitamin deficiency, physical stress, thyroid problems, scalp infection, and other skin problems. The hair fall problem can also be the result of cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure or heart problems. Baldness in men is mostly due to hormones.

Hair Transplantation in Mumbai

With advancement in medical mordent and technology, the patient can easily start looking attractive and regain their self-esteem by going for hair transplantation. In the Mumbai city, you can get many hair transplant hospitals promising the best of treatment and approaches to bid adieus to baldness permanently. However, to professional treatment and best results, you must choose a reliable and experienced hair surgeon or clinic. For that purpose, you need to visit Myhaircare website where you will get comprehensive details about the best hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai. That surgeons are warm and friendly with in-depth knowledge of the different types of hair transplant procedures.

Different Types of Hair Transplantation

Here myhaircare experts discuss three types of hair transplantation techniques practiced by doctors all over the world.

FUT or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery

This process involves stripping of scalp surgically from a hairy area at the back of the hair transplant patient’s head and then placing the stripped scalp on the bald area. It is an invasive method ideal for people with serious baldness head. The incision is formed because of stripping is stitched and the graft is collected from the strip to implant on the bald areas.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

It is a minimally interfering method where the doctor will extract follicular units from the back and side of your head and then implant the follicles on the affected area to allow them to grow. The patient will get natural looking hairstyle using Follicular Unit Extraction method. myhaircare provides best Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai, for more information you can directly contact our experts. From essential invasive, you will not have any deep cuts on your head. A time to repair from this hair transplant surgery is also less compared to Follicular Unit Strip Surgery.

Scalp Reduction

This is a less common hair transplant technology used by surgeons. Through this method, the healthy scalp area is stretched and re-positioned to cover the bald area. After that hair grafting is done to growing up natural hair.

Benefits of Visiting a Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai

Myhaircare hair transplant service in Mumbai has a welcoming environment with friendly medical staff and highly experienced surgeons. The top clinics are proving on the website of Myhaircare have many years of experience handling successfully cases of partial to complete baldness and hair fall. The hair transplant surgeons use the most advanced technology and surgical instruments to perform hair transplantation surgery successfully and in less time. The doctors are polite, educated, and tolerant to listen to each patient problem very carefully. Highest care and attention is given to every patient by the friendly staff. Necessary post-operative examinations are also done to help a patient regain his/her lost beauty and confidence.


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