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About us

The size, technical skills, and experience of our hair transplants team allow our team to perform large Hair Transplant in Mumbai sessions when they are indicated. The good staff allows the assistants to be rotated so that they are focused throughout these longest-transplant sessions. This determines that the highest quality and performance of work is best maintained throughout the entire surgical hair renovate term.

We are providing best services for hair transplant. Our team is conscious that many patients are fearful of having any type of surgery and we are careful to make sure that you are relaxed and safe throughout your hair transplant or repair procedure. Our team will give you detail information pre-and post-op instructions, both by talking and in writing, so you will know exactly what to expect throughout the entire hair replacement surgery process. You are enforcing to call or visit us any time you have questions. We will registry both short and long-term follow-up visits to assess your hair restoration progress

Our mission

Our mission is very clear – provide best hair transplantation in the all over India Solace with its chain of Cosmetic Clinics spread across India, provides you this standardized features, therefore, you can suitably select us to get a new and confident look.

Our Vision

We have a commitment to excellence in all phases of service which extends well beyond the surgery itself. This means more than being excellent technicians; we prioritize treating patients in the scope of total health care and making their experience the best possible.